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Photos/Articles of the Lingohocken Fire Company in action:


Water Rescue

Just before 4:15 pm on Sunday, August 2, 2009, firefighters from the Lingohocken Fire Co. and marine units from the Northampton Township Fire Co. were dispatched to the Neshaminy Creek at the Route 232 (Second St. Pike) bridge for 4 subjects trapped in the swollen creek. The creek level is normally below 6' at Rushland, and that afternoon it had crested at approximately 17.6'.  Heavy rains all morning had given way to sunshine, and 5 local canoeists attempted to brave the high water for a ride down the swift waters. When they reached the Route 232 bridge, they got caught when there was not enough clearance for them to pass underneath. 1 was able to climb out on his own, while 4 others passed under the bridge in the water. Deputy 35 and Northampton firefighters arriving within 5 minutes of the call were immediately able to rescue 3 of the victims using throw ropes from shore. However, the 4th victim was caught on a tree in the middle of the creek. Newtown Rescue 45 and Upper Makefield Marine 71 were dispatched to the Worthington Mill Rd. bridge over the creek to set up in case the victim or any firefighters were swept downstream during the operation. Northampton's marine unit was deployed into the water using rope to direct it in to the victim. The victim was removed to the boat, and the boat was hauled back to shore. It took 30 minutes from dispatch to complete the rescue - there were no injuries.

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Quarry Rescue

At 11:39 am on Thursday, July 16, 2009 Lingohocken firefighters were dispatched to the Hanson Aggregates quarry at 852 Swamp Road in Wrightstown Township for an "auto extrication," reported victim trapped under an overturned truck. Based upon this report, a second rescue company was requested immediately, and Northampton Township Fire Co. Rescue 3 was dispatched. Lingohocken Engine 95, manned during the summer by Wrightstown Township employees that are firefighters, and Deputy Chief 35 arrived at the quarry's main gate within 5 minutes of the dispatch and were directed by Hanson personnel into "the hole" - the main quarry. They found the accident scene approximately 1/2 - 3/4 mile drive down into the quarry and about 200-250 feet below the surface of the quarry. A bulk solid truck carrying dust off of the asphalt plant down to a dump site had overturned. The trailer had separated from the tractor and the driver was trapped in the cab. The victim's body was trapped between the cab and the driver's seat, and his legs were pinned up under the dashboard, and entangled in the gear shifts and seat. He was only visible from the shoulders up. Diesel fuel was leaking from the truck's saddle tank. Fortunately, the trailer was resting on a large rock and was relatively stable. Lingohocken Engines 95 and 35, and Rescue 35 responded with 15 volunteers. Chief 35 established Command and coordinated with Newtown Police, Central Bucks Ambulance and quarry personnel.

Crews went to work with air bags, 6 hydraulic tools, sawzalls, and other rescue equipment needed to lift the vehicle and cut the cab away and disentangle him. The Central Bucks medical director (physician) was on scene leading EMS operations. As the incident progressed, additional resources were needed for manpower and equipment, and the hot day took its toll on rescuers. Newtown Fire Association Rescue 45 and Engine 55 were brought in to the scene, while Warwick Fire Co. Rescue 66 was staged at the quarry entrance for backup. Doylestown Fire Co. Canteen 19 and Central Bucks Mass Casualty Unit 2 were also requested for firefighter rehab (the MCI unit carries cooling fans). Plans A, B, and C were devised and implemented. Plan D was to bring a large front end loader from the quarry to assist in lifting the vehicle if needed, and a special medical team that can perform field amputations (a last ditch option if needed to save the patients life) were brought to the scene. Close coordination was made between medical and rescue personnel to dictate the speed of the rescue. Fortunately, Plan C worked and we didn't need to get to plan D or E. 2 hours and 6 minutes after the initial 911 call, the patient was extricated and transported by Central Bucks Ambulance to St. Mary's Medical Center Trauma Unit.

All of the rescue personnel on this incident worked very well together under exhausting, hot and dusty conditions. Thanks to all of the mutual aid companies that assisted, including Newtown, Northampton, and Warwick along with backup coverage from Upper Makefield Engine 81 and Yardley Makefield Engine 80.

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Just after 7 pm, Sunday, June 7, 2009 units from the Warrington area were dispatched to Flexible Circuits, 222 Valley Rd. in Warrington for a building fire. Chief 29 (Warrington Fire Co.) was quickly on the scene reporting fire showing from a large 1 story industrial building. The incident quickly escalated to 3 alarms. At appromately 8 pm, Lingohocken Engine 95 was dispatched to relocate to Warrington Station 29 on Route 611, forming a task force there with Rescue 34 (Chalfont Fire Co.) and eventually Ladder 2 (Southampton Fire Co.) and Engine 3 (Northampton Fire Co.) to cover any additional calls in the area. Chief 35 led the task force. Less than 10 minutes later, Lingohocken Rescue 35 was dispatched to the scene to set up to the rear of the building for lighting and to fill SCBA bottles. Rescue 35 was released at about 1 am, and the task force from Sta. 29, including Engine 95, was called to the scene to assist with cleanup detail. Engine 95 returned to Forest Grove a bit after 3 am. Chief 35 returned to the scene Monday evening from 5-9 pm to provide relief to Warrington crews managing the scene.

Commendation Letter

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Swamp Road Dwelling Fire

Just after 9:30 am, Monday morning, passing motorists reported a fire on the roof in the 400 block of Swamp Road. Initial reports of the address were believed to be in Newtown Township, and the Newtown Fire Association was dispatched. Newtown units responded from participating in the Newtown Memorial Day parade, arriving on the scene reporting heavy smoke showing, and identified the home as being in Wrightstown Township, which is covered by the Lingohocken Fire Co. Lingohocken units were dispatched to assist. 

Firefighters laid supply hose to a hydrant on Twining Bridge Road in Newtown located more than 1/3 of a mile from the scene, along with using water from Lingohocken’s 3500 gallon tanker to fight the fire. Crews had to open a hole in the roof to vent heat and smoke, and remove siding and roofing materials that were on fire to extinguish the blaze. Due to the heat inside the home and need to protect the material in the home, units from the Northampton Fire Co., the Upper Makefield Fire Co., the Penndel Fire Co., the Warwick Fire Co., and the Langhorne-Middletown Fire Co. were requested to assist at the scene. Newtown Ambulance personnel set up a rehab area to monitor firefighters for heat-related conditions during the fire. PECO responded to the scene and cut power to the home. The fire was placed under control in slightly over 1 hour from dispatch. The Trevose Fire Co. canteen unit provided refreshments for the firefighters, who cleared the scene at about 12:30 pm. Thanks to the mutual aid companies for their assistance, along with Warwick Fire Co., Feasterville Fire Co., and Parkland Fire Co. who provided cover-ups during the incident.

Damage estimate is approx. $65,000. No injuries were reported to either the occupants, or to firefighters who worked the incident. The home was not equipped with a fire sprinkler system, although quick work by firefighters, and the stone walls of the farmhouse prevented the fire from spreading into the home’s contents.. The fire appears to have begun in the exterior wall, investigation was led by the Wrightstown Township Fire Marshal, Ted Middleman. Swamp Road between Worthington Mill and Twining Bridge Rds. was closed by Newtown Township police and fire police units for over 2 hours due to the fire.

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Industrial Rescue on York Road

At 1:49 pm on Thursday, May 14, 2009 the Lingohocken Fire Co. along with Midway Fire Co. Ladder 5 and Central Bucks Ambulance Medic 125 (Doylestown) were dispatched to York Rd (Route 263) and Green Ridge Road for an industrial rescue - reported worker trapped in a Bobcat skid-steer machine in the construction zone. Crews have been working to rehabilitate this section of York Rd. Initial reports indicated the worker may also be freed from the machine, but seriously injured. Chief 35 arrived within 4 minutes to find the worker in the cab of the machine with significant injuries to his legs/lower torso and requested the rescue assignment continue in. Assistant 35, on the job as a Buckingham Police officer, was sizing up the extrication. A mechanic for the contractor was on scene and provided valuable technical information regarding the machine that determined the course of action. Ladder 5 and Rescue 35 arrived and began to crib the machine to prevent any movement, and Medic 125/Chief 125 arrived and began patient assessment/care. Due to the nature of the situation, Chief 35 requested Midway Rescue 5 be dispatched for additional manpower/equipment. It was determined that the best course of action was to cut the roof cage off the machine to extricate the victim. Crews did so, and the patient was removed in slightly more than 30 minutes from dispatch and transported by Medic 125 to St. Mary's Medical Center Trauma Unit. He was later flown by helicopter to Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. Crews cleared the scene at 2:35 pm.

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Another Truck Accident With Power Surge on Swamp Road

On Friday, May 8, 2009 at 8:23 am Lingohocken firefighters were initially dispatched to electrical wires on fire on Swamp Road near Smith Road. A tractor trailer struck a pole in the 900 Block of Swamp Road in Buckingham Township causing the pole and transformer to begin to burn and an electrical surge in the area. Within moments, Bucks County Communications received a report of smoke in 2 houses a mile or two away in the 3200 Block of Mozart Road, resulting in the dispatch of Warwick Rescue and Tower 66, Doylestown Engine 79, and Midway Engine 5 to assist. Deputy 35 investigated the accident scene and confirmed that the pole was on fire, but that fire apparatus was not needed there at the time, and redirected the Lingohocken units to the house fire. Chief 35 arrived at the homes on Mozart Rd. within 4 minutes and confirmed that there was no active fire at either. Assistant 35 and Tower 66 checked one home, finding a damaged electrical panel and dishwasher, that had unfortunately just been replaced from the March power surge. Battalion 79-1 and Engine 35 confirmed that a surge suppressor at the electrical panel in the other house had done its job, but burned up doing so and with potential damage to TVs and a computer. The remaining units, along with Buckingham Township Fire Marshal FM226 checked numerous other homes in the area of Mozart Rd., Swamp Rd., and Dark Hollow Rd., finding damage to numerous appliances and surge suppressors. It appears that the affected circuit was the same one from March 17, involving Swamp Road from Creamery Road to roughly Rushland Road, including parts of Mozart Road, Dark Hollow Road, and Smith Road.

Any resident that suffered electrical damage from this incident should contact their insurance company and PECO's claims division to assist with damage repair. Further information may be obtained from Buckingham Township police/fire marshal's office.

Those residents that had whole-house surge protection, and surge protection on key appliances (TV, computer, etc.) were generally well protected against this .





Cover Assignment - Warminster Twp.

Passers-by may have wondered why a Lingohocken Engine was so far down York Road - Engine 95 (Forest Grove Station) covering Hartsville Fire Co. Station 93. On Tuesday, April 28, 2009, Hartsville and numerous other area companies were in service at a building fire at the Saxony Manor Apartments on York Rd. in Warminster Township. Engine 95 moved up to cover Station 93 from approximately 5-6:30 pm. No further runs during the cover assignment.

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Building Fire in Doylestown

On Tuesday morning, April 21, 2009, Lingohocken firefighters were dispatched to assist the Plumsteadville Fire Co. with a working building fire on Airport Blvd. in the Cross Keys area of Plumstead Township. A warehouse/industrial building was on fire. At 6:47 am, Rescue 35 was sent to cover Station 20 on Route 611 North of Doylestown. Before they could arrive, at 0700 hours they were dispatched to respond on the 2nd alarm and report to the staging area at the KMart. At 6:56 am Tanker 35 was dispatched as part of the 2nd Tanker Task Force assigned to the call. They shuttle 4 loads - or approximately 14,000 gallons of water - to the scene. Almost all of the Tankers in Bucks County were either assigned to this call, or relocated to cover stations that were involved at this fire. This resulted in something not often seen - Mercer County, New Jersey Tanker 53, from the Union Fire Co. of Titusville being relocated to Station 35 to cover Buckingham, Upper Makefield, Wrightstown, and Northampton Townships from Wycombe until Tanker 35 cleared the scene. Mercer County Tanker 53 covering Station 35.


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LFCO Training Drill

On March 10 and 24, 2009, Lingohocken firefighters went to the Bucks County Public Training Center to get some interior burn training in the new burn building. On the 10th, we were accompanied by 2 crews from the Northampton Fire Co. (Sta. 73), and on the 24th, by 2 crews from the Midway Fire Co. (Stas. 5 & 15). Here are a few pictures from the drill on the 24th.


Busy St. Patrick's Morning for Lingohocken Firefighters

On Tuesday, March 17, 2009 at 7:05 am Lingohocken firefighters were initially dispatched to electrical wires on fire on Swamp Road near Mozart Road. A dump truck loaded with sand had shattered a pole in the 1500 Block of Swamp Road, near Creamery Road in Buckingham Township causing an electrical surge in the area. Within 3 minutes, Bucks County Communications received a report of smoke in the house a mile or two away in the 700 Block of Swamp Road, resulting in the dispatch of Warwick Engine and Tower 66, Northampton Engine 3, and Newtown Engine 55-1 to assist. Chief 35 investigated the accident scene and confirmed with the PD that fire apparatus was not needed there at the time, and redirected the Lingohocken units to the house fire. Deputy 35 confirmed that a surge suppressor at the electrical panel in the house had done its job, but burned up doing so. This call was held to Engine and Tanker 35 for smoke removal. While units were on this scene, a firefighter reported flashes had come from the outlets with a smoke odor in his house, and the same thing at two of his neighbors' homes in the 900 Block of Swamp Road. Lingohocken units checked these homes, and then were directed to 2 more homes in the 3200/3300 blocks of Mozart Road with the same conditions. In each case, no extension was noted but electrical equipment was damaged. A quick meet with the PECO supervisor in the area showed the affected circuit involved Swamp Road from Creamery Road to roughly Rushland Road, including parts of Mozart Road, Dark Hollow Road, and Smith Road. Chief and Deputy 35 did a visual check from the road of homes in these areas. Additional damage to electronic equipment was noted by residents in the 3100 block of Dark Hollow Road and the 3800 block of Smith Road. At 9:48 am, as the dump truck was being righted, it developed a fuel spill. Field 35 responded back to the scene with absorbent materials to prevent further release into the environment.

Any resident that suffered electrical damage from this incident should contact their insurance company and PECO's claims division to assist with damage repair. Further information may be obtained from Buckingham Township police/fire marshal's office.

Those residents that had whole-house surge protection, and surge protection on key appliances (TV, computer, etc.) were generally well protected against this power surge. 



Brush Fire

At 5:25 pm, on Saturday, March 15, 2009, the Lingohocken Fire Co. was dispatched to a brush fire in the 4800 block of Township Line Road in Buckingham Township. Units on the scene within 10 mins found a controlled burning that had spread to an approximately 40 x 50 foot area of light brush. Field 35 accessed the field area quickly and had the fire knocked down 4 minutes after arrival, preventing it from spreading into the immediately adjacent wooded area. 

Even if the ground is wet, the brush is dry - please be careful when burning outdoors!



Auto Extrication - Pine La. and Route 232
At 5:35 pm on Thursday, March 5, 2009 Lingohocken units along with Upper Makefield Fire Co. Engine 81 were dispatched to Pineville Road and Windy Bush Road in Upper Makefield Twp. for an auto extrication. Units were on the scene within 10 minutes and found the accident on Pine La. at Windy Bush Road in Wrightstown Township. Newtown Medic 145 was on the scene with the driver trapped in an Acura. Rescue 35's crew stabilized the car and went to work with hydraulic tools to open the driver's side door allowing the patient to be removed while Engine 81 provided hazards standby.  The patient was removed within 6 minutes of arrival, and units cleared the scene before 6:00 pm. 



Lingohocken Works First Due House Fire

Lingohocken firefighters were dispatched shortly after 11 pm on Friday, February 6, 2009 to a chimney fire at 4729 Smith Road in Buckingham Township. On arrival, Deputy Chief 35 found smoke coming from the chimney and eaves of a 2 story dwelling. The call was upgraded, bringing Newtown Fire Association Engine 55 and Rescue 45 (as a firefighter assist and search team - FAST), Midway Fire Co. Ladder 5, and Central Bucks Ambulance Medic 135 (Wycombe station). Fire was found extending into the walls in the 1st and 2nd story of the home, requiring siding to be removed, and walls and a portion of the 2nd floor to be opened up to contain the fire extension with 2" hoselines deployed to both the 1st and 2nd floors. Burning material in the wood stove was removed from the dwelling. Midway Engine 15 and Northampton VFC Engine 3 along with Warwick Fire Co. Tanker 66 were also dispatched to the scene for backup manpower and water supply. Salvage runners and covers were placed to minimize damage to the home's contents. The fire was contained due to the combined effort of the companies on the scene, and under control in 1 hour. Plastic covering was placed over the wall openings to allow the homeowners to remain in the home. Lingohocken crews returned to service at about 2:30 am. Thanks to Northampton Fire Co. Engine 83 for covering Sta. 35 during this call, and handling a fire alarm while in our station. 




First Extrication of 2009

Around 11 am on Friday, January 23, 2009, Lingohocken units were responding to a reported gas alarm on Brownsburg Rd. West in Upper Makefield Township. As Chief 35 arrived at that location, Deputy 66 from Warwick Fire Co. was reporting an accident with entrapment and an unresponsive victim in the 900 Block of Swamp Road in Buckingham Township. Chief 35 redirected the apparatus to the Swamp Road call, and Medic 135 (Central Bucks Ambulance) and Rescue 66 from Warwick were also dispatched to assist. The gas alarm was turned over to Chief 71 from Upper Makefield, who was in the area, and UMPD (found to be set off by contractors). Rescue 35 arrived at the extrication within 7 minutes of dispatch to find a Hyundai which had hit and broken a telephone pole on the North side of Swamp Road, then wound up striking a tree and coming to rest on the lawn on the South side of Swamp Road. The Rescue Co. went in service to remove the driver's side door and remove the patient in 13 minutes from dispatch. Rescue 66 arrived to assist, and Engine 35 was assigned to set up a landing zone in an adjacent field for JeffStat 2 which was enroute. The medics, upon conferring with medical command at St. Mary's Hospital, determined the patient could be transported by ground to St. Mary's and the helicopter was recalled. Deputy 35 oversaw rescue operations, and Chief 35 oversaw the landing zone setup. Units were clear in about 40 minutes.



Day Of Service

For many folks, Martin Luther King Day is a day to take a break from their regular lives and perform volunteer community service to honor Dr. King's legacy. For your volunteer firefighters, community service is something we do all year-round. For MLK Day 2009, 17 Lingohocken volunteers were busy with a house fire on Ridge Road in Buckingham Township, just outside Lingohocken's coverage area. At 1441 hours, Engine and Tanker 35 were requested to assist Midway Fire Co. with a fire in the attic. Chief 35 was assigned the Interior Division, and Engine 35's crew assisted with the backup hoseline to the 2nd floor, checking for extension and throwing salvage covers on the 2nd floor while Tanker 35 supplied water to Engine 5. Midway's crews did a great job knocking the fire in the attic with 500 gallons of CAFS. At 1526 hours, Rescue 35 was special-called to the scene to fill approximately 20 air bottles used during the fire. Lingohocken crews were in service for about 2 hours. Thanks to Newtown Fire Assoc. Engine 55 for covering Sta. 35 during this incident.


House Fire Assist Doylestown

At approx. 1130 on Friday, January 2, 2009, Engine 95 was dispatched to cover Doylestown Station 19. E95 responded with crew of 5, and as they arrived at Sta. 19, were redirected to the scene of the house fire on Evergreen Dr. off East State St. in New Britain to be the 2nd Rapid Intervention Team (RIT). The initial RIT was utilized for fireground operations. E95’s crew stood fast until after the fire was put under control, returning to quarters shortly before 1400 hours.


Lingohocken Firefighters Contain Christmas Day Oil Spill With Assistance From Upper Makefield/Eagle Fire Cos.

While families were gathering for their holiday meal, Lingohocken firefighters were dispatched at 1505 hours on 12/25/08 to an oil spill at Street and Lurgan Roads in Upper Makefield Township. A heating oil tank had leaked onto a lawn and spread into a nearby drainage ditch and then into a tributary of the Pidcock Creek. This Creek eventually traverses the area next to Bowman's Tower Wildflower Preserve. Engines 35 and 95 responded. Recognizing that upwards of 200 gallons might be spilled and the importance of containing the spill, calls quickly went out for assistance to the Upper Makefield Fire Co., which responded with Engines 71 & 81 as well as Utility 71 with booming materials, and the New Hope - Eagle Fire Co. which responded with Engine 46. Crews put numerous absorbent pads down, along with almost a dozen booms across the ditch and the creek, eventually containing the spill at approximately 1612 hours before it entered the main Pidcock Creek. Thanks to all of the volunteers who sacrificed part of their Christmas Day to contain this incident, and Newtown Fire Association Engine 55 which covered Station 35 during this.



Saturday Night House Fire in Northampton

On Saturday, December 13, 2008, shortly after 10 pm, the Lingohocken Fire Co. was dispatched to assist the Northampton Fire Co. with a garage/house fire on Neshaminy Drive off of Almshouse Road. Initially, Tanker 35 was sent to the scene as the fire was in an area that is not provided with hydrants. Northampton units on the scene reported heavy fire in the garage. As the incident progressed, approximately 20 minutes after dispatch Engine 35 was sent to cover Northampton Station 3, but shortly after signing on for the cover, they were requested to the scene. Tanker 35 wound up drafting from a foldatank at the dump site and pumping the supply line for the scene. Engine 35's crew assisted with extinguishment/overhaul. Asst. Chief 35 oversaw operations at the tanker fill site with Engine 62 from the Ivyland Fire Co.

Thanks to Eagle Fire Co. of New Hope Tanker 46 for covering Station 35 during this incident.



Barn Fire

At 1141 hours on Wednesday, October 8, Engine 35 was requested to cover Northampton Twp. Fire Co. Station 3 while they were operating at a Barn fire. At 1159 hours, Engine 35 was requested to respond to the scene at 160 Newtown Richboro Road. Crews from Northampton, Newtown, Warminster, Lower Southampton, and Southampton made a good stop on the fire, and Lingohocken firefighters assisted with final extinguishment and overhaul. Engine 35 cleared the scene at 1408 hours.


At 2047 hours on October 6, 2008, Lingohocken firefighters responded to the 800 Block of Mill Creek Road in the area of the Miller Quarry in Wrightstown Township for a vehicle off the road on its roof into a tree with gasoline leaking from it. Crews remained on the scene for approximately an hour handling the leak.



Well done, Lingohocken!

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the Lingohocken Fire Company for the excellent job it did in extricating a driver who was pinned in his truck after a serious accident which took place in front of my house.

Working under difficult conditions for at least an hour, they were able to free the driver after cutting away much of the truck.

To get a sizeable group of volunteers in the middle of a weekday to the scene of the accident within minutes, attests to the dedication of our firefighters. It was heartening to witness the expertise of our small volunteer fire company.

We all should be very proud of the men and women of the Lingohocken Fire Company.

Frank Kolp Wrightstown Township


6th Extrication of the Year on Swamp Road

Drivers continue to have problems on Swamp Road, requiring Lingohocken firefighters to go to work extricating them from their vehicles. On Monday, August 11, 2008 at 1103 hours, Lingohocken firefighters were dispatched along with Medic 135 from Central Bucks Ambulance to the 1100 Block of Swamp Road in Wrightstown Township, near the Buckingham Township Line, for an auto extrication. Crews from Rescue 35 and Engine 35 found a pickup truck that had overcorrected and careened across the roadway and heavily impacted a tree at the driver’s door. The crews removed the roof of the pickup to extricate the patient within 30 minutes of the call, and the patient was transported by Medic 135 to St. Mary’s Hospital.

In the last 3 months of 2007, Lingohocken firefighters worked 3 more extrications on Swamp Road.

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Firefighters Revisit Lookaway Court

To meet the neighbors under different circumstances, Lingohocken firefighters took Engines 95 & 35, Field 35, and the Chief’s vehicle along with FP35’s truck back to Lookaway Court on the evening of August 6, 2008. They brought along coloring books, informational handouts, packets on “Living With Sprinklers,” other materials and some refreshments and answered the neighbors’ questions about the recent fire on the street, fire extinguishers, and escape ladders and gave all a tour of the equipment. Thanks to Firefighter Skwara for sharing some of his delicious Wrightstown peaches with the crowd (you can get them at his farm stand on Swamp Road in Rushland). If you are interested in having firefighters visit your neighborhood, drop us an email or call the Wycombe station.

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Lingohocken Firefighters Keep Car Fire from Spreading to House

At 2033 hours, Thursday, 7/31/08, Lingohocken firefighters went to work again to 1715 Lookaway Court in Buckingham Township. Initial reports of a car fire in the driveway with an explosion. Enroute, units were advised the car is 6’ from the house with a full gas tank. The house fire assignment was filled out, bringing Midway Fire Co. Engine 5 and Ladder 5. Engine 95 arrived within 7 minutes of dispatch to find a Saab sedan with the engine and passenger compartments well involved just outside the front door of a large 2 story single family dwelling. The Engine went in service with a 2” CAFS (compressed air foam) line, and within 4 minutes, after 372 gallons of water and 1 gallon of Class A foam, the fire was knocked (including magnesium car parts that were burning) with no extension to the house. Engine 35 had arrived and pulled a backup line and entered the home to check for extension. Their crew and the crews from Tanker and Rescue 35 ventilated the house. The mutual aid companies were able to be returned due to the quick knock with no extension. Units cleared the scene by 2145 hours.

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Lingohocken Volunteers Protect Nursing Home Residents

At 2320 hours, Tuesday, 7/29/08, after a busy evening work detail for the firefighters, the company was dispatched to the Buckingham Valley Nursing Home, 820 Durham Road in Buckingham Twp. for a fire alarm. Enroute, the county advised Chief 35 that the nursing home was reporting a false alarm and the Chief held the companies in station. The Deputy and Chief arrived and found active water flowing from the sprinkler system in the attic. There had been an earlier accident on Durham Road that had taken power down to the area and apparently resulted in the dry sprinkler system in the nursing home to trip and water flowing from multiple leaks in the attic. Lingohocken Engines 35 & 95, and Rescue 35 quickly responded. The sprinkler system was shut down and crews assisted nursing home personnel with removing patients from several rooms affected by the water. Newtown Rescue 45 and Upper Makefield Engine 81 responded to assist due to the impact across the building – which was housing approximately 120 patients. In several rooms, problems were found with the electrical system affected by the water. The nursing home brought in extra staff to assist with the situation. Once the power was restored, and sprinkler system was being restored by a sprinkler contractor, firefighters checked the building again to ensure no further electrical problems. Companies cleared the scene at approximately 0300 hours.



Mother Nature Pays a Violent Visit to the Wrightstown Area

Another round of severe storms pounded Lingohocken’s coverage area just before 2 pm on Sunday, July 27, 2008. Engine 35 was initially sent to assist Northampton Sta. 3 with a fire alarm on Sackettsford Road, just outside of Wrightstown Twp. While the alarm was determined to be storm-related, crews found the first of many trees down completely blocking Sackettsford Road. Shortly thereafter, the main station was alerted to go to Robin Road in Penns Park, where a tree was blown onto a house causing significant structural damage. Crews assisted with stabilizing the situation and salvage, while Engine 95 moved from Forest Grove to Wycombe to better cover the area and check for further damage. While conducting reconnaissance of the area, Eng. 95 found a tree on top of a car on Cherry Lane (Cherry Lane Storm Damage photo) and other large trees down at homes on Cherry Lane, wires down blocking Southbound 2nd Street Pike below the Wrightstown Twp. Building, multiple large branches on roadways in Penns Park, and significant tree damage on almost every property on Mud Road – including trees split 20-30’ up in the air, as well as some large trees split close to the ground and almost all homes out of power. Where they could, the crew checked with homeowners to confirm no imminent hazards, and the county dispatch center was notified of incidents involving power lines.

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Lingohocken Volunteers Work Another Extrication – This Time in the First Due

Lingohocken Rescue Box 35-2 was sounded on Saturday morning, 7/26/08 at 1031 hours for Penns Park Road and Second Street Pike in Wrightstown Township. A Toyota pickup and a Lexus SC430 met head-on at the intersection. One patient was trapped in the Lexus as the driver’s door could not be opened. Rescue 35 arrived within 8 minutes of dispatch, stabilized the car and removed the driver’s door to allow the patient to be removed. The extrication was completed within 6 minutes of arrival and Lingohocken personnel cleared about 10 minutes later. Central Bucks Ambulance Medic 135 transported the patient.



Lingohocken Volunteers Run 2 Mutual Aid Auto Extrications on a Hot Sunday

As temperatures reached 95 degrees, with high humidity, Lingohocken firefighters were requested twice in 3 hours on Sunday, July 20, 2008 to assist neighboring companies with serious accidents. 

At 1304 hours, Engine 35 responded to assist Doylestown Fire Co. and Midway Rescue 5 at a head-on collision involving a minivan and a pickup truck on Route 202 just North of Route 313 in Buckingham Twp. One victim was heavily entrapped, and additional manpower was needed due to the heat. The engine crew took over fire standby for Station 79 firefighters while they rehabbed, then assisted with hazards control. The entrapped victim was extricated and transported by a Pennstar/Temple helicopter. Lingohocken personnel cleared the scene in 30 minutes.

Just 2 hours later, at 1504 hours, Rescue 35 was requested to assist Upper Makefield Rescue 71 and Engine 81 at a Scion into a retention wall in the 200 block of Stoneybrook Road in Upper Makefield Twp. Crews from Upper Makefield and Lingohocken had to remove the roof of the vehicle to remove the patient to Medic 145 (Newtown American Legion Ambulance) which transported the victim to St. Mary’s Hospital. Lingohocken personnel returned home from this one in 40 minutes.

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Truck Fire

An accident occurred at 9:40 AM, at 981 Swamp Rd. The engine was dispatched for a truck fire. Chief 35 arrived to find the pickup truck with heavy fire involvement to the cab and engine compartment, which had quickly spread to the cab of the dump truck. The tanker and rescue also responded for man power and water. Engine 35's crew extinguished the bulk of the fire in about 1 minute with CAFS (compressed air foam), utilizing 300 gallons of water. Crews were in service for an hour, containing leaking diesel fuel and assisting towing companies. Central Bucks Ambulance also responded to check the drivers after the crash.


Early Crash

At 00:55 hours on Monday, June 23, 2008, Lingohocken Engine 95 and Rescue 35 were dispatched with Central Bucks Ambulance Medic 135 and Buckingham Police for a traffic accident on the 1700 block of Swamp Rd. between Creamery and Lower Mountain Rds. in Buckingham Township.  A VW Jetta had struck a telephone pole, lifting it completely out of the ground, was spun around and smashed its driver side into a large tree. Engine 95 arrived on scene within 9 minutes of dispatch, quickly stabilized the vehicle and placed its Holmatro combi-tool into service to began removing the rear passenger door per the paramedics to do a rapid removal due to the patient's serious condition. Rescue 35 arrived and assisted the engine crew, as well as to set up a landing zone in an adjacent field for medevac service Penn Star 6 to land. The patient was removed from the car within 10 minutes of the arrival of fire apparatus, packaged to a long spine board, and transferred to the medic unit for additional care. The helicopter landed, received the patient and flew to Temple trauma Center in Philadelphia . Engine 95 remained on the scene until 0440 hours to assist the police with the investigation.


Auto Extrication

At 1620 hours, June 2, the Lingohocken Fire Co. along with Newtown Emergency Services Engine 55-1 were dispatched to Route 413 in the area of Wrightstown Road in Wrightstown Township for an auto extrication. Chief 35 on the scene found a 2 car accident, with 1 vehicle on its side and 1 patient trapped in each vehicle. Engine 55-1 and Rescue 35 crews went into service stabilizing both vehicles, removing doors and the roof of the vehicle on its side to allow the medics access to the patients. Both patients were removed and transported by Medic 145 (Newtown American Legion Ambulance) and Medic 135 (Central Bucks Ambulance - Wycombe) to St. Mary's Hospital Trauma Center. Lingohocken Engine 95's crew assisted with hazards control.


Lingohocken Firefighters Assist Doylestown on 2 Working Fires in 2 Days

Shortly after 0715 hours on Friday, May 30, Lingohocken Rescue 35 was dispatched to assist Doylestown Fire Co. and other units on a mobile home fire at 422 Fordhook Rd. in Doylestown Township. The rescue crew assisted with overhaul on the scene.

Shortly after 1000 hours on Saturday, May 31, Lingohocken Engine 95 was dispatched to cover Doylestown Station 19 (Shewell Ave. Station). Bucks County has a system that automatically backfills fire stations that are tied up at working incidents to ensure adequate area coverage. Engine 95 responded from the Wrightstown Twp. Open House. Shortly after arriving at Station 19, Engine 95 was called to the scene of the fire, a barn at 4320 Tersher Drive in Buckingham and stood by as the Rapid Intervention Team – a team designated to provide safety/rescue if firefighters get into trouble at an incident.



Lingohocken Firefighters Search for Missing Boy Scout

On Saturday morning, May 24, 2008 at 0334 hours, Lingohocken Fire Co. was dispatched to assist the police with a search at the Briarwood Day Camp on Creek Road in Buckingham Twp. The Boy Scouts had an encampment of 535 Scouts there, and a 13 year old from Canada was reported missing. The Scout leaders, many of whom were firefighters and police officers from both this area and Canada, had developed a plan and had 17 search groups, but needed assistance with logistics (lighting, communications, etc.). Rescue 35, Utility 95, Deputy and Asst. Chief 35 responded. After performing a grid search of the property, the missing Scout was located.



Lingohocken Firefighters work 2 Mutual Aid House Fires 

At 1735 hours on Wednesday, May 21, Lingohocken Engine 35 was dispatched to relocate to Newtown Station 55 (Durham Road substation). About 45 minutes later, Engine 35 was called to assist at the working dwelling fire on Gaucks Lane in Newtown Twp. A large 18th century farmhouse had apparently been struck by lightning and had heavy fire in the attic area. Engine 35's crew assisted with suppression and overhaul, and Tanker 35 was called later in the incident to supply water to the scene so that supply lines could be picked up to reopen Route 532. During the incident, Lingohocken maintained a 3rd volunteer crew with substation Engine 95 relocating to Station 35 to provide coverage for the area.

At 0130 hours on Sunday, April 20, Lingohocken Engines 35 & 95 responded to assist Midway Fire Co. with a house fire in the 4500 block of York Road in Buckingham Township. Heavy fire was through the roof in the 2nd story portion of the house, which sat on a hill overlooking Route 263. Fire was spreading into the 1 story section of the house. Crews assisted Midway and several other mutual aid companies with ventilation and suppression.



Poor Richard’s Fire

Engine 95 covered Point Pleasant Fire Co. Station 41 for 5 hours on Sunday, April 13, 2008 during a 2 alarm fire at Poor Richard's on River Road. During the cover, the crew ran 1 assist to the medics for a cardiac call on Point Pleasant Pike a few blocks from the Station. Tanker 35 was originally dispatched to cover Station 41 earlier into the call, but as the incident escalated, was called into the tanker shuttle and trucked several loads to the scene.


Lingohocken Firefighters Work Another Swamp Road Extrication

For the 4th time already in 2008, Lingohocken firefighters had to cut victims from vehicles on Swamp Road. This time, it was on April 1 at 1708 hours in front of 1046 Swamp Road in Wrightstown. A Chevy vs. a Jeep required driver’s side doors on both cars to be removed to extricate the 2 victims. Rescue 35 and Engine 35 were in service, while Engine 95 stood by. The first victim was extricated in 19 minutes from dispatch, while the 2nd victim was extricated within 24 minutes of dispatch. 1 patient was transported by Central Bucks Medic 135 Class 2 to St. Mary’s, while the 2nd patient was transported by Newtown Ambulance Squad 145 Class 3 to St. Mary’s. As units were taking up from this call, they were dispatched to a fire alarm on Wilkinson’s Court in Buckingham that wound up being a non-incident.



Lingohocken Firefighters Kept Busy in February With Vehicle Extrications

On Sunday, February 10, 2008 at 1530 hours, units from Lingohocken and medics from Central Bucks 135 and Newtown Ambulance 145 were dispatched to Durham Road and Worthington Mill Rd. in Wrightstown Township for a vehicle rescue. Newtown Engine 55 was special-called to assist. Chief 35 on scene with a 3 car collision, 1 entrapped in the rear of the 3rd car. Rescue 35 and Engine 55 went in service to remove a door and assisted the medics with packaging and removing the patient in under 30 minutes from dispatch. Engine 95’s crew assisted in securing the scene. 

On Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 1257 hours, units from Lingohocken and medics from Central Bucks and Warrington ambulance were dispatched to Swamp Road in the area of Creamery Road in Buckingham Township for a vehicle rescue with 2 male victims trapped. Chief 35 requested an engine from the Midway Fire Co. (Eng. 5) to assist. Battalion Chief 35 arrived with a Ford Expedition on its side off the road resting with its roof against a tree with 2 victims heavily entrapped. Rescue 66 from the Warwick Fire Co. was requested to assist as well. Rescue 35 and Utility 95 were on the scene at 1308 hours. Units set up a picket system for stabilization and cut half of the roof off to remove both occupants. Units completed the extrication and cleared the scene in under an hour. Both patients were transported by the medics.

On Thursday, February 14, 2008 at 0758 hours, units from Lingohocken and Central Bucks Medic 135 were dispatched to Swamp Road in the area of Mill Creek Road in Wrightstown Township for a vehicle rescue with 1 female trapped, but possibly uninjured. Deputy 35 arrived at 0804 hours to find a car on its side and the female victim inside. Rescue 35 arrived shortly thereafter, removed the sunroof, and assisted medics with removing the patient through the sunroof. Medic 135 transported the victim.

On Monday, February 25, 2008 at 0805 hours Lingohocken Rescue 35 was dispatched to assist the Upper Makefield Fire Co. for a vehicle rescue on Lurgan Road at the entrance to Bowman’s Tower in Upper Makefield Township. Units on scene found a stake body truck head on vs. an SUV with a female victim in the SUV trapped behind the steering wheel in and out of consciousness. Rescue 35 arrived on scene and assisted Upper Makefield Eng. 81 and Rescue 71 with a door and roof removal and dash displacement with extrication being completed in approximately 30 minutes from dispatch. The woman and another patient with a minor injury were transported by medics from the Newtown Ambulance Association.


Field 35 Gets Workout on Durham Road

Shortly before 3:30 pm on Sunday, January 27, 2008 the Lingohocken Chief Officers were paged to call Bucks County Communications. Deputy Chief Fran Gorski called in and was told a homeowner on Durham Road in Wrightstown had 4-5 feet of water in his basement, and needed assistance as the water was threatening the gas/electric utilities. Lingohocken maintains several electric pumps that are loaned to residents when water intrudes into low-lying areas of their homes, but callers normally report a few inches, not a few feet. Deputy Fran Gorski and Assistant Greg Jakubowski loaded several pumps up and headed to the home on Durham Road at Parsons Lane in Wrightstown. Sure enough, once they arrived, they found an internal water leak had filled the basement almost to the window level and quickly determined that the arsenal needed to be upgraded. Fortunately, the water was quite clean as the home was under renovation and the basement was virtually empty. While a 35 GPM electric pump was placed in service, FF Steve Gorski brought Field 35 with its 350 GPM pump to the scene. The gas was shut off to the home, Bilco doors to the basement were forced, and the field truck was positioned to draft right out of the basement feeding a Blitzfire portable monitor. The pumps operated for about 2 hours, removing well over 10,000 gallons, leaving the basement almost dry.



Woman rescued from fiery crash

At 0819 hours on 1/24/08, Lingohocken units, along with medics from the Central Bucks Ambulance, were dispatched to Swamp Road near Mozart Road in Buckingham Township for an auto extrication car vs. tree. While responding, Lingohocken Firefighter Chas McHenry came across the scene, which was near his home, and found a woman trapped in the vehicle with a fire starting in the engine compartment. With assistance from another passer-by, Chas was able to rescue the woman from the vehicle prior to the arrival of fire apparatus and before the car became involved in fire.


Garage Fire

At 0321 hours, Tanker 35 was dispatched to assist Midway firefighters on Tactical Box 5-27 at 5501 Mountain Top Road for a garage fire. Police saw the fire and initially reported it from over a mile away. Units arrived on scene down a long narrow roadway with significant icing on trees/wires to find a garage heavily involved in fire. At 0329 hours, Engine 95 responded to assist as the call was upgraded. Tanker 35 was the first arriving tanker and provided water supply to the scene. Engine 95 personnel filled the manpower pool and assisted with extinguishment/overhaul. Unfortunately, a victim was found DOA in the remains of the building. 

The Intelligencer Article:


Auto Extrication

On November 6, 2007, at 0935 hours, the Lingohocken Fire Co. was dispatched for an auto extrication in the 1000 block of Swamp Road in the Rushland section of Wrightstown Twp. for an auto extrication. Crews had been sent for an auto extrication in the same area at 0744 hours just 12 days earlier. This time, units arrived on the scene in 8 minutes to find a Chevy Malibu vs. a Peterbilt tri-axle dump truck. Rescue 35’s crew removed the driver’s side door of the Malibu, and assisted the medic with removing and packaging the patient while Engine 35 and Utility 95’s crews controlled hazards and provided fire protection. The extrication was completed 10 minutes after arrival with transport handled by the medics.



Auto Fire

At 0116 hours, Tuesday, October 16, 2007 Lingohocken units were dispatched to the intersection of Edison-Furlong Rd. and Route 263 in Buckingham Twp. for a report of an auto fire. Enroute, units were advised that a vehicle was smoking as a result of a police chase, and to standby on Swamp Road to await notification that the scene was secure. E95, E35, U95 and the Chief/Deputy were standing by when the police requested lighting to the scene. E95 and U95 went to the back of the parking lot of the offices/stores on the SW corner of Edison-Furlong and 263 and set up lighting. After conferring with the police, sent E35 and R35 to the Heritage Business Center on Route 263 to provide lighting there for police officers searching the wooded area. Multiple PDs on scene, including Buckingham, Warwick, Doylestown Twp., Doylestown Borough, Solebury, New Britain, and Warminster plus canines. The perp had allegedly burglarized the Buckingham Wawa and was pursued to this location when apparently his engine blew and he ditched his vehicle in the woods. Eventually requested Tower 66 (Warwick Fire Co.) to assist in aerial surveillance of the wooded area with a thermal imager, and New Jersey State PD helicopter for FLIR survey of the area (Phila. PD and PA State were unavailable). Units cleared the scene around 0600 hours.

Additional information:



Auto Extrication

On Saturday, October 6, 2007 at 2231 hours, Lingohocken units along with Medic 135 from the Central Bucks Ambulance were dispatched to the 700 block of Swamp Road for an auto extrication. Originally it was reported in the 700 block of Swamp Road in Wrightstown Township (near Neshaminy St.), but the accident was located in the 700 block of Swamp Road in Buckingham Township, near Apple Hill Road, which is also Lingohocken’s coverage area, albeit about 2 miles apart. Rescue 35 and Engine 95 arrived along with the Chief and the Deputy to find a pickup truck off the road into the trees, with 1 subject entrapped. Crews removed the driver’s door of the pickup, and assisted the medic with removing the patient. Extrication was completed by 2247 hours and the patient was transported by the Medic to St. Mary’s Hospital.



Lingohocken Firefighters Respond to Ultralight Crash

Just before 7 pm, on Friday, September 21, Lingohocken firefighters responded along with Central Bucks Ambulance Medic 135 to a report of a small plane down with the pilot reported to be entrapped on Township Line Road in Buckingham. Units arrived on scene to find an ultralight plane down in the field with 1 occupant. Rescue 35’s crew assisted the medics with freeing the pilot and packaging him for transport. Engines 35 and 95 responded, but were not needed on the scene. Medic 135 transported the victim to St. Mary’s Hospital in Langhorne with multiple injuries.



Bucks/Chester/Montgomery County Firefighters in West Hancock, MS.

Click here to view the presentation and pictures.

Some additional articles:

from the Bucks County Herald

from the BucksLocalNews


Dump Truck Extrication

At 0448 hours, on Wednesday July 18, 2007 Lingohocken firefighters were dispatched with Central Bucks Ambulance Medic 135 to Route 413 and Worthington Mill Road in Wrightstown Township for a dump truck on its side with the driver entrapped. Rescue 35, Engine 35, Engine 95, and Utility 95 responded and confirmed a 10-wheel dump truck loaded with screenings on its side with much of the screenings dumped along the roadway and a small fuel spill. Chief 35 had command. The vehicle's windshield was removed to gain access to the driver, and a portion of the fiberglass roof was removed to allow the driver to be extricated. The extrication was complete within 35 minutes of dispatch and the patient transported to St. Mary's Hospital in Langhorne. Fire police assisted police in closing this busy stretch of road for several hours while the investigation was completed, truck uprighted, and spilled material removed.


Pump Testing at Tyler Park

Click here to view pictures of LFCO members testing fire truck pumps at Tyler State Park while local residents watch. Each year the fire company is required to recertify fire pumps on its apparatus. The two fire engines located at the Wycombe and Forest Grove stations are required to pump at least 2000 gal/minute. Testing demonstrated that the trucks could pump over 2300 gal/minute.


Perry Lane Flow Test

Click here to view pictures of LFCO firefighters testing a water supply on Perry Lane under the direction of the Wrightstown Fire Marshal. Wrightstown, along with the other townships serviced by the fire company, requires developers to address water supplies for fire protection. In this Wrightstown development, the developer installed a 15,000 gal holding tank capable of delivering 1000 gal/minute flow. The under ground tank is filled by a dedicated well.


On Friday, June 29, a 4-alarm fire in Quakertown called upon many of Bucks County's tankers to respond to handle the incident, along with tankers from Montgomery and Northampton Counties. Tanker 35 was requested to relocate originally to Midway's Fire Station 5, but then redirected to cover Hilltown Township Station 61. The crew stood by with Montgomery County Rescue Engine 12 (Colmar) from 1830-2300 hours but was not needed to respond to any calls while on standby. This relocation arrangement is part of the County's emergency management procedures for major incidents.


Tanker 35/Engine 95 Work Doylestown Dwelling Fire 

At 0114 hours on Wed., May 30, 2007, Tanker 35 was dispatched with Tanker 66 (Warwick Fire Co.) to assist Doylestown Fire Co. for a well-involved dwelling fire in a non-hydranted area of Edison-Furlong Rd. A short while later, Engine 95 was added to the assignment and Lingohocken's fire police were also requested to assist. On arrival, Battalion 95 was assigned to be the Incident Safety Officer and dealt with downed electrical wires that had burned through and dropped into the front yard. Tanker 35 shuttled 7000 gallons of water from a hydrant on Swamp Rd. in Sta. 95's local, while E95's crew assisted with running lighting, extinguishment and overhaul. Units cleared shortly after 4 a.m.

Lingohocken firefighters Jeff Choi and Karl Bromm and Captain Dan Gilmartin taking a breather in "Division C" at the house fire on Edison-Furlong Road.



Fire at Second Street Pub

On Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 2256 hours, Box 35-14 was transmitted by Bucks County Communications for a building fire at the Second St. Pub, 2296 Second Street Pike in Wrightstown Twp.

The initial dispatch brought:

    Lingohocken Fire Co. - Engine 35, Rescue 35, Tanker 35, Engine 95
    Newtown Fire Assn. - Engine 55
    Northampton Fire Co. - Engine 3, Tower Ladder 3

with a total of 33 firefighters (including 5 chief officers).

A PECO pole next to the building, or the building, was struck by lightning and ignited the wall in/around the electric service. Chief 35 on-scene with smoke showing side B. Crews stretched several handlines into the pub/bar area on the 1st floor and the apartment on the 2nd floor while verifying no extension in this balloon-frame building beyond the immediate area of the electrical service in the wall. Crews were in service for a little over 1 hour. As part of our ongoing training program, the fire company had used this building as an example incident during an incident command simulations drill in 2004.


Auto Extrication

At 1741 hours, Sunday, April 29, 2007 the Lingohocken Fire Co., along with Rescue 66 from the Warwick Fire Co. and Central Bucks Ambulance Medic 135, were dispatched to the 1600 block of Swamp Road in Buckingham Township for an auto extrication. Units arrived to find a full-size pickup truck with the driver’s door into a tree/pole and a female heavily entrapped. The medics requested an aeromedical helicopter, and PennStar 1 was dispatched from Blue Bell with an 8 minute ETA. While crews removed the roof and the door of the pickup to allow for the patient to be removed, Lingohocken personnel established a landing zone in the field directly to the North of the accident scene. The patient was extricated 33 minutes from dispatch and transported by PennStar 1 to a local trauma center.


Tanker Shuttle

Click here for pictures:

On Sunday morning, March 25, 2007 volunteers from the Lingohocken Fire Co., with assistance from water tanker trucks from the Northampton Fire Company, Midway Vol. Fire Co. of Lahaska, Eagle Fire Co., and Upper Makefield Fire Company "showed their stuff" to Wayne Press, a field representative from ISO, a leading supplier of risk information to insurance companies. The companies performed a number of demonstrations at the Wrightstown Hunt development on Fox Hill Drive, off of Route 413, in Wrightstown Township:

1. Each tanker was timed for both dumping water and refilling.
2. Lingohocken firefighters did a timed evolution for driving a pumper 200', stopping, and stretching 300' of 3" handline and placing it in service. This took slightly over 2 minutes to do - ISO wanted to see 200' of 2 1/2" line pulled and placed in service in 5 minutes or less.
3. Lingohocken firefighters did a timed evolution for their tanker to drive 200', and then have 3 firefighters set up a portable water pond, which was set up with drafting hose in place in under 2 minutes.
4. Lingohocken firefighters did a timed evolution for driving a pumper 200' and hooking to a drafting hydrant and begin to flow water. This was also done within 2 minutes.

Each evolution had to be performed safely and efficiently. These demonstrations were intended to prove that firefighters can work as effectively using tankers and water shuttles in Wrightstown Township, which has no public water supply, as they can in areas with fire hydrants supplied by public water. This may have an impact on fire insurance rates in Wrightstown, which is currently has a Public Protection Classification (PPC) of "9" on a scale of 1-10. In comparison, the City of Philadelphia is a "3" Many fire insurance companies rate properties based upon the PPC of the community. Wrightstown has never before been officially rated due to the lack of a public water supply. The Lingohocken Fire Co. has been working on this project for 3 years, first submitting a 3-inch binder of documentation to ISO, which they requested before they would ever come out to do the rating. The Fire Company had to prove to ISO on paper that it could provide the necessary water supply. A field review of training and response records, as well as Company equipment, was done by ISO on February 26. Once the demonstrations were completed, the ISO rep advised the Fire Company that we will receive an updated rating for Wrightstown in 1-3 months. After that is received, the Company will work with surrounding communities to see if the data will allow expanding the rating beyond Wrightstown Township.
For further information about ISO and their public protection classification system -


Field Truck Donation

The Lingohocken Fire Company donated our 1969 International Field Truck to the Central DeKalb County Fire Protection District in Mayfield, Missouri. The truck was replaced by the 2006 Ford/Guardian that was primarily paid for from a Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters Grant. Here are some pictures of the truck be loaded, using some ingenuity, onto a flatbed for the trip to Maysville, Missouri.



Auto Extrication

At 2350 hours, on Monday, February 26, units from Lingohocken were dispatched with Medic 135 (Central Bucks Ambulance) to Durham Road (Rt. 413) just North of Township Line Rd. in Buckingham Twp. for an auto extrication. Battalion 35 arrived to find a female heavily entrapped in a single vehicle vs. tree accident. Rescue 5 from the Midway Fire Co. was added to the call. Rescue 35 and Engine 95 arrived and began stabilizing the vehicle and placing all of the hydraulic rescue tools from both units into service to remove the roof, doors, and push the front end. Rescue 5 personnel arrived and assisted with this, and place additional hydraulic tools into service. The patients lower extremities were heavily entrapped in the damage and required extensive effort and teamwork to remove her safely, with approx. a 1 hour extrication time. Once the patient was removed, Medic 135 transported her to St. Mary’s Trauma Center.


Garage Fire

At 0838 hours, Friday, February 9, 2007, units from the Lingohocken Fire Company assisted by Engine 55-1, Ladder 45, and Utility 45 from the Newtown Fire Association/Emergency Services and Engine 81/Tanker 71 from the Upper Makefield Fire Company responded to the unit block of Thompson Mill Road in Wrightstown Township for a detached garage on fire in sub-freezing conditions. Arriving units found the 2-bay garage fully involved and went into service to contain the fire to the garage.


House Fires

1004 hours, Lingohocken Engine 95 was dispatched along with Doylestown Fire Co. units for a house fire in the 3600 Block of Sablewood Dr. in Buckingham Township. Units on scene advising large 2 story dwelling fire in the attic. E95 assisted with fire attack/overhaul along with several other mutual aid companies including Midway, Warwick, and Plumsteadville.

 1855 hours, Lingohocken Rescue 35 was dispatched as the RIT team along with Newtown Fire Assoc. units for a house fire in the 400 Block of Durham Rd. in Newtown Twp.  Units on scene advising barn fully involved – exterior attack only. 


Electrical Wires Call- 200th Response for LFCO in 2006

On Monday evening, December 18, the Lingohocken Fire Co. was dispatched for what we consider a "routine" type of call, for electrical wires arcing at Route 232 and Route 413 in Wrightstown Township. 

While the call itself was rather ordinary for us, what was significant about it was that it was our 200th response for 2006. 

Previously, our busiest year ever was 179 calls in 2005, which we have already exceeded by more than 10% in 2006. Our area, and the requests for service continue to grow. 

Are you able to help us meet this growth? 

We are looking for new firefighters, as well as support members, and your contributions to our fund drive help us to meet the expenses necessary to continue to run an effective emergency response organization.

You can also help us by at least annually replacing batteries in your smoke detectors, keeping your chimney clean, and following local controlled burn regulations.


Garage/House Fire in Doylestown

At 0430 hours, on Friday, December 8, Lingohocken Engine 95 responded with other area fire companies to assist Doylestown Fire Co. at a working garage/house fire on Chestnut Drive in Doylestown Borough. 

For more information, see the Doylestown Fire Company website:


Dwelling Fire

On 10/29/06 at 0116 hours, Rescue 35 and Tanker 35 were dispatched to assist the Upper Makefield Fire Co. at a dwelling fire at 1593 Wrightstown Rd. . Chief 71 arrived to find the house to be well involved and requested additional Co's to assist. Firefighters were hampered by high winds.



LFCO Drill at the Wrightstown Hunt Development

On Saturday, August 12, 2006, with a little help from our friends, we set out to prove we could move 1000 gallons of water per minute for 1 hour in Wrightstown in a demonstration for one of the final items we need to receive our ISO review ( and hopefully improved rating. To minimize any impact to traffic, we set up on Fox Hill Drive off of Route 413 in the Wrightstown Hunt Development. Engine 35 drafted from the dry hydrant near the entrance to fill tankers, and Engine 95 set up around the corner to flow back into the basin, fed by 3 porta-ponds of 3000, 3000, and 3500 gallons capacity. The route was for the tankers to enter the development, loop all the way around Fox Hill Dr. back to Engine 95’s setup (0.8 miles) and dump their water while E95 flowed it into the pond. The tankers would exit the development, head South on 413, and enter Parsons Lane (new development) and loop around, coming back to the fill site (1.7 mile loop) for a total loop of 2.5 miles. Tankers assisting were 5 (Midway – Lahaska), 41 (Point Pleasant), 46 (Eagle – New Hope), 66 (Warwick), and 71 (Upper Makefield) in addition to Tanker 35. In 60 minutes, we trucked and flowed more than 60,000 gallons of water (all recycled back into the basin from whence it came). Flowing from Engine 95’s deck gun with a 2” tip, we flowed about 800 gallons per minute for the first 35 minutes of the exercise, then added an additional suction line and flowed almost 1100 gallons per minute for the final 25 minutes of the exercise. Thanks to all of the mutual aid companies for their assistance in a well-executed drill on a beautiful day.

Click here for photos...



Garage Fire

Early on Tuesday morning, August 8, Engine 95 and Tanker 35 responded to assist Midway VFC with a well-involved garage fire on Route 413 in Buckingham.


Severe Weather

Tuesday evening's drill on July 18 was interrupted by a severe thunderstormthat rolled through Central/Lower Bucks County.

Crews watched from the bays as strong wind gusts shortly after 8 pm split trees in the rear yards of homes across from Station 35. Shortly thereafter, calls began to come in for several electrical fires in homes, as well as wires arcing/on fire, and a tree into a house on Penns Park Road. Trees/branches across Cedar Lane made it impassable, and crews were kept busy ensuring homes/roadways were safe. By 10 pm, things quieted down, but on the overnight hours, the Chiefs handled several fire alarms, with another coming in at 7 am.

On Wednesday morning, at 1025 am, tactical box 35-18 was dispatched for the 100 block of Buckmanville Road in the Upper Makefield Twp. Section of Lingohocken's district for a dwelling fire (click here for pictures) bringing the Lingohocken Fire Co. with Tanker 35 as well as an engine and Tanker 71 from the Upper Makefield Fire Co. (Sta. 71/81). Battalion 35 arrived with a single family ranch dwelling with heavy smoke from the attic/roof. Further sizeup indicated fire showing from Side "B", and the box was struck bringing Engine 55-1 from the Newtown Fire Assoc., a second engine from Upper Makefield and Tower Ladder 46 (Eagle Fire Co./New Hope) to assist. Engine 71 arrived first, followed closely by Engine 35 and these crews stretched dual 2" CAFS handlines into the dwelling for extinguishment. Engine 55-1 arrived shortly thereafter and went to work on the roof, while Tower 46's crew opened the garage. Other special calls brought Ladder 5 and Tanker 5 from Midway, Rescue 45 from Newtown, and Rescue 19 from Doylestown. The fire apparently began in an emergency generator enclosure immediately behind the house, and spread to the soffit/roof/garage area. Crews contained the fire to these areas. The generator was apparently running due to the ongoing power outages from the previous night's storms. Two ambulances from Newtown also assisted units on the scene. Units cleared by approximately 2 pm.

Including the working fire, crews handled more than a dozen calls in a 14 hour period.


Devonshire Estates Bike Parade

Lingohocken firefighters helped lead the 4th of July bicycle parade in the Devonshire Estates Development in Buckingham.
Click here for photos


Mobile Home Fire

On Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 8:50 am, units from the Lingohocken Fire Co., assisted by an Engine from the Warwick Fire Co., were dispatched to 1293 Swamp Road in Buckingham for a mobile home on fire. Chief 35 arrived with a working fire, and Tanker 66 from the Warwick Fire Co., and Engine 55-1 from the Newtown Fire Association were special-called to assist. Engine 35’s crew advanced a 2” CAFS line and quickly knocked down the fire. Other units assisted with a back-up line, ventilation and overhaul.

Click here for photos


Brush Fire

On Sunday, June 18 (yes, Father’s Day), Units from the Lingohocken Fire Co. work a brush/debris pile on fire on Durham Road under the high-voltage power lines across from the Buckingham Springs Development.

Click here for photos


Auto Extrication

On Saturday afternoon, June 10, Rescue 35 was dispatched to assist the Upper Makefield Fire Co. with a serious accident with a vehicle on its roof after crashing through a utility pole on Highland Road between Wrightstown Rd and Scott Rd in Upper Makefield Twp. There were several injuries, including a teenager trapped in the vehicle. After working with PECO to ensure the scene was safe, crews worked together for over an hour to extricate the trapped teenager. The pt was taken to St. Mary’s Trauma Center in Langhorne , PA with severe head injuries and later air lifted to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Click here for photos


LFCO Picture Video


Tuesday, April 25 proved a bit busy for Lingohocken firefighters.

The afternoon began with an unusual call – an elevator rescue on Pineville Road. Unusual as there are very, very few elevators in our coverage area! This was a small residential elevator that was stuck between floors with 3 ladies inside. All were ok, and it took a few minutes for Lingohocken firefighters from Rescue 35 and Engine 95 and Upper Makefield police to adapt and overcome. The elevator was lowered by hand-cranking it to the basement, and the basement access door removed, allowing the ladies to graciously exit. It was recommended that the elevator be serviced.

While returning from this call, Engine 95, with a crew that included 2 EMT’s, was a few blocks from Smith Road and Route 413 where an accident with injuries was reported. Engine 95, and Chief 35 (a paramedic) responded as Quick Response Service (QRS) to find a victim with a minor head injury caused when a loose musical drum in the backseat struck the patient when the vehicle came to a sudden stop. No serious injury here.

Later in the evening, as crews were doing a major cleaning of the Wycombe station in preparation for the upcoming pancake breakfast, Engine 95 responded again as QRS with 2 EMTs on the crew to an accident with M145 (Newtown) at Wrightstown Road and Route 413. Fortunately, again there were no serious injuries, although the crew assisted the police with lighting and hazard control.

Finally, to wrap up the night, crews responded to a fire alarm in the Devonshire Estates neighborhood at 0314 hours to find a battery had gone bad in a smoke detector. Please remember to change your smoke detector batteries at least annually!

While you won’t read about most of this in the paper, these are examples of how our firefighters serve our community on a daily basis.


Route 232 Vehicle Accident

At 2312 hours, Saturday, April 8, the Lingohocken Fire Co. along with E55 from the Newtown Fire Association and Medic 145 from Newtown were dispatched to Route 232 in the area of the Penns Park Pub for an auto extrication. Chief 35 found the accident in the 2200 block of Route 232 in front of the Better Materials offices. One vehicle had struck a pole with high impact in the driver’s side door, with about 2 feet of intrusion into the driver’s side compartment. The victim was heavily entrapped, and due to this, and 2nd rescue company was added to the assignment – Rescue 3 from Northampton. A medevac helicopter was also placed on standby. Crews worked together to extricate the patient from the mangled car in under 45 minutes, and the patient was airlifted by PennStar 1 to HUP. The helicopter was able to land in a field directly adjacent to the accident scene.


Apple Hill Road House Fire

On Monday, February 27, Lingohocken, along with Engine 3 from Northampton Fire Company, responded to a call for smoke from a house on Apple Hill Road. Units arrived with light smoke showing and found a fire in the wall behind a chimney. Crews needed to remove the chimney with a backhoe from Buckingham Township as the chimney was unstable, and this was the only way to reach hidden fire between the hearth and the chimney. Units cleared within 90 minutes.

Click here for photos....
Photos by Phil Leiggi


Aquetong Road House Fire

At 0836 hours, Tuesday, January 10, Tanker 35 was dispatched to relocate to the Eagle Fire Co. of New Hope while several area companies were battling a house fire in the 2000 block of Aquetong Road in Solebury Township. While enroute to the cover, the Tanker was dispatched 1st due with apparatus from Midway, Doylestown, and Point Pleasant Fire Cos. to Tactical Box 5-35, at 3400 Aquetong Rd. for another house fire. At this job, Ladder 5 (Midway, which already had 2 crews at the first fire) and Engine 19-1 (Doylestown, coming from the cover assignment) arrived first with Deputy 5 to find heavy fire coming from a 3-car attached garage and involving propane. Tanker 35 backed up the driveway and provided the primary water supply for an intense, but effective knockdown, saving the bulk of the home from fire spread. Other neighboring companies, including units from Stockton and Lambertville, NJ also assisted as all hands operated. It appears at this time the fires were unrelated – just an unusual coincidence. Meanwhile, Lingohocken kept an engine crew to cover the area, handling a first due dump truck accident on Route 413.


Dump Truck Accident at Swamp and New Hope Road

Photo courtesy of Ron Wilson

Lingohocken firefighters were busy on Tuesday, January 10. While Tanker 35 was assisting Midway at the house fire in Solebury, Engine 35 handled a hydraulic fluid spill from this accident involving 2 dump trucks at New Hope Road and Route 413 around 10:00 am.


Lower Mountain and Swamp Rd Auto Extrication

The first vehicle extrication of 2006 occurred on Saturday evening, January 7 at 1902 hours at Lower Mountain and Swamp Rds. in Buckingham Township. Units from Lingohocken and Warwick Fire Companies responded to a 2-car accident, and crew from Engine 95, Rescue 66 and Rescue 35 had to stabilize a car on its side, and remove the roof of the vehicle to extricate the driver. Initially, a medevac helicopter was put on standby but was later stood down as the patient’s condition was not as serious as initially thought. The driver was transported by Warrington Ambulance to St. Mary’s Hospital in Newtown as a trauma. Also assisting were Warwick and Midway Fire Police.


Vehicle Rescue Drill

On Nov. 15, 2005, Lingohocken firefighters spent some time at Wrightstown Used Auto Parts practicing extrication techniques.

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Photos by Phil Leiggi


Forest Grove Rd & Swamp Rd Auto Extrication

Photo courtesy of Gian Luiso/The Intelligencer

On Friday, August 19, units from the Lingohocken Fire Company assisted by Rescue 66 from the Warwick Fire Company were dispatched to Forest Grove and Swamp Roads in Buckingham Township for an auto extrication. Units worked together to extricate 3 victims, two of which were Class 1 traumas flown to Hahnemann and St. Mary’s Hospitals by Pennstar 3 and Medevac 1. The other victim was transported by ground to Abington Hospital trauma center by Central Bucks Ambulance. Also assisting were fire police from Midway and Warwick. Also on scene was Battalion 79 from Doylestown Fire Co. who was in the area when the incident was dispatched and established initial scene command.


Barn Fire (photos)
(Link to Midway Vol Fire Company Site)

On Sunday August 14, 2005 at 11:37 PM members of Midway Volunteer Fire Company were dispatched for tactical box 5-23 - a report of smoke in a barn behind the Hunts Furniture Store on Route 202. LFCO Engine 95 and Tanker 35 also responded. 


Lower Mountain & Swamp Rd Auto Accident

Photo courtesy of Gian Luiso/The Intelligencer

At 1715 hours, Wednesday, August 3, the Lingohocken Fire Co. with assistance from Rescue 66 from the Warwick Fire Company were dispatched to Lower Mountain and Swamp Roads in Buckingham Township for an auto extrication. Engine 95, Rescue 35 and Rescue 66 arrived and assisted Medic 135 from Central Bucks Ambulance in removing the patient. No actual extrication needed - patient removed by 1731 hours. The patient was transported by Medic 135 to Abington Hospital Trauma Center.


Fire Creek Road Fire (photos)
(Photos Courtesy Of Ron Wilson)

Shortly after 6 pm on Wednesday, July 27, 2005, units from Lingohocken Fire Co. along with E55 from the Newtown Fire Association were dispatched to Fire Creek Road in the Jericho Valley Section of Wrightstown Twp. for several calls reporting smoke from the roof of the home. The homeowner had arrived home to find smoke, along with smoke detectors activating, and wisely stayed outside to call 911.

Chief 71 from the Upper Makefield Fire Company lives a block away from the scene and arrived first, with fire showing at the roof area. Chief 35 upgraded the call to a box assignment, bringing an additional engine from the Upper Makefield Fire Company (E81) and Ladder 45 from Newtown. Sta. 35/95/55 companies went in-service with three 2" CAFS lines and raised ground ladders to the second floor for horizontal ventilation. Tanker 35 started initial water supply to Engine 35 and Engine 55 laid approximately 1000' of 5" to a draft site but was unable to utilize the site due to water level. Ladder 45 pulled into the driveway and put the main in-service on side "D" for ventilation. Prior to the main going in service all firefighters were evacuated from the building, due to the potential for roof collapse. Once the ladder crew ventilated the roof, crews were able to reenter for extinguishment. Crews from Special Service 95, Engine 81 and Rescue 45 went into the 1st floor and basement to conduct salvage operations and control utilities.

Other assisting units included E3-1 (Northampton Fire Company), and the tanker task force (Tankers 5, 66, 46, 71, 3, and 41) although the effective attack resulted in the tankers not being needed. All hands were in-service for about 1.5 hours, with rehab conducted by the Central Bucks Rescue Squad and Trevose Fire Company Canteen. 

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Construction Dumpster Fire (photos)

Lingohocken firefighters tackled a construction dumpster fire on Lookaway Court on July 22. This fire may have been started by "oily rags" used for wood staining at this new home.
FIRE PREVENTION REMINDER: Carefully store oil-, gasoline-, or paint-soaked rags. Store them in a tightly sealed container in a cool, well-ventilated place away from other combustibles. Or, lay the rags out individually on a flat surface and leave them to dry completely before reusing.


Cause of house fire remains mystery (article)
By Pamela Batzel
Bucks County Courier Times

Smith Road Fire

On July 15, units from the Lingohocken Fire Company assisted by the Midway Fire Company were dispatched to the 3500 block of Smith Road in Buckingham Township for smoke from a house. The first units arrived on scene in 7 minutes confirming heavy smoke from the 2nd floor. Engine 35's crew found fire in the attic extending to the 2nd floor and quickly knocked the fire down. Ladder 5's crew (Midway) vented the roof, and crews from Newtown (E55-1) and Warwick (E66) assisted with overhaul, putting the fire under control in 26 minutes. Central Bucks Ambulance provided rehab for the personnel on a very hot day. Water supply was provided by Tankers 35 and 5, although quick work contained the fire with less than 500 gallons. A good effort by all personnel involved.


Abington Vacant Mansion Fire (photos)
Tanker 35, along with Tanker 5 (Midway) responded at the request of Montgomery County radio at approximately 0900 Tuesday, June 21 to Susquehanna Road off of Rydal Road in Abington Twp. to shuttle water to assist overhaul/extinguishment at this large mansion fire. Supply hoselines were extensive at this fire, and caused major traffic tie-ups thus the request for tankers. Tanker 35 and 5 worked with Montgomery County Tanker 83 (Worcester) to shuttle approximately 50,000 gallons of water during the day. There are no tankers in the Eastern half of Montgomery County which resulted in the mutual aid request to Bucks County.


On Tuesday, June 14, we set out to prove we could flow large amounts of water for long distances (photos)


LFCO responds to a construction accident on June 10, 2005. (photos)


Sprinklers Save Lives (article)
On May 28, 2005, at 3:16 a.m., the Lingohocken Fire Company, along with mutual aid assistance from the Midway Fire Company (Ladder 5, Tanker 5), the Northampton Fire Company (Tower 3), the Newtown Fire Association (Engine 55), and the Upper Makefield Fire Company (Engine 81) were dispatched to the Buckingham Valley Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on Durham Road in Buckingham Township. Read more...


On Tuesday, May 24, members of the Lingohocken Fire Company were trained on dealing with emergencies involving horses. (photos)


2 dead, 1 hurt in single-car crash (article)
Bucks County Courier Times

No pictures available... We responded to extricate 1 of the victims and provide lighting for the investigation.


On April 12, 2005, Lingohocken firefighters performed hands-on training for handling emergencies involving flammable liquids and gases at the Bucks County Public Safety Training Center. (photos)

Jan 2005

Lingohocken firefighters participate in a joint house fire training drill with the Upper Makefield Fire Company (photos)


Boat Fire - 2500 block of Second Street Pike (photos)


LaVecchia Cucina Restaurant Fire - Durham Road & Lower Mountain Road (photos)


Auto extrication - Second Street Pike between Pine Lane and Street Road (photos)

Jan 2003

Ice Rescue Drill (photos)


Anchor Inn Fire - Durham Road & Route 232 (photos)


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