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Lingohocken Fire Company's Pancake Breakfast

On April 6, 2014 from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Lingohocken will be hosting their annual Pancake Breakfast at Station 35 in Wycombe.

Fire Prevention October 2013

Throughout October, Lingohocken Firefighters visited a number of area schools to teach children (and adults!) about fire safety and prevention.  Students got a chance to see the fire safety trailer in action and tour a fire engine. In just 6 days over 3000 parents and children went through the Fran Gorski Safety Training Trailer. A special.  thanks to the Company's Fire Prevention team led by Ted Middleman.

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Lingohocken Fire Company, A Century of Service

2013 marks the 100th Anniversary of Lingohocken's service to the community.

On April 12, 2013 Lingohocken Fire Company celebrated with members, family, and friends at their banquet.

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On June 8, 2013 Lingohocken Fire Company hosted Bucks County 90th Annual Fireman's Parade. Fire Companies throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey came out to celebrates Linghocken's anniversary.

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Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, April 28th, Lingohocken will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast from 8:00AM - 1:00 PM.

Regular Stack - $7.00 / Short Stack - $5.00
Pancakes, Sausage, French Toast, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Milk

Lingohocken Congratulates 2 New EMTs

Firefighters Zach Williams and Junior Firefighter Liam Hamill have both completed 6 months of training and testing and are now certified as EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians). Congratulations!

LFCO Fire Prevention 2012

Throughout October, Lingohocken Firefighters Visit a number of area schools to teach children (and adults!) about fire safety and prevention.  At Wrightstown Elementary School, the 5th and 6th graders participated in an assembly where they were taught about the science of fire and how to prevent them by Chief Greg Jakubowski.  Other grades got a chance to see the new fire safety trailer in action and tour a fire engine thanks to the Company's Fire Prevention team led by Ted Middleman.

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LFCO Fire Prevention

The Lingohocken Fire Company invites the public to our fire prevention open house on Friday evening, October 12, from 6-9 pm. There will be pizza, fire safety information and training, and other surprises. The Fire Company hopes to debut that evening our high-tech fire safety training trailer, the first like it in the region, that trains all ages on kitchen and home fire safety using a variety of props. Those outside the trailer will be able to view activities inside the trailer on a big screen television outside. We hope you can join us!

LFCO Pancake Breakfast

In 2011, 663 community members enjoyed Linghohocken Fire Co.'s pancake breakfast. The 2012 breakfast is scheduled for Sunday, April 22 at the Wycombe Fire Station from 8 am to 1 pm. Spring flowers will be for sale at the breakfast as well. Mark your calendars!

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LFCO 100th Anniversary

In recognition of our 100th anniversary, Lingohocken will proudly host the 2013 Bucks County Fire Chief's and Firemen's Association Parade on Saturday, June 8, 2013 More info to follow.

Insurance Information

Lingohocken has achieved an ISO straight Class 6 rating for Wrightstown Township. This was achieved using tanker water shuttles and large diameter hose, along with alternative water supplies such as dry hydrants as Wrightstown Township has no public water supply. We cover 20% of Buckingham Township, which has an ISO rating of 5 for properties within 1000' from a fire hydrant, and a 9 for properties outside of that 1000' radius. We also cover 12% of Upper Makefield Township, which has a straight ISO rating of 8. Lower ISO ratings can result in reduced insurance premiums for property owners, and we have worked hard to achieve this rating for Wrightstown. Essentially the same resources we respond with in Wrightstown would also respond to the Upper Makefield and Buckingham Township portions of our coverage area, and we can work with insurance agents to better understand the preplanned data and information we have to help keep your fire insurance costs down. Here is some recent feedback we received from an insurance agent we worked with on 2 Buckingham Township properties in our coverage area:

"What it did was allow us to write the homeowner's insurance in a "preferred" market. Because of the value of the home or homes in question not every carrier was willing to provide the protection in a competitive manor. But with your information the carrier was willing to go forward...I think you could certainly state that because of the work that you have done you are saving the property owners you serve a substantial amount of money."

Second Busiest Year for LFCO

The Lingohocken Fire Company had its 2nd busiest year in its history, responding to 217 calls in 2011. Further details will be posted in our annual report which will be available on our website before the end of January.

Lingohocken FIrefighters Advance Their Training/Certifications

Firefighter Zach Williams of Buckingham Township recently completed the 180 hour Firefighter 1 certification at the Bucks County Public Safety Training Center, and is joining the ranks as a full active firefighter. This program includes hazardous materials awareness and operations-level certification, CPR training, and basic first aid training. Firefighter/Engineer John Hamill of Buckingham Township recently completed his certification as a Firefighter 2 - which requires training in vehicle rescue, hazardous materials operations, and incident command - through the Montgomery County Fire Academy. Congratulations to both of them on these accomplishments, and we appreciate your dedication and service to our community!

Firefighters Upgrade Their Training

Probationary Firefighter Zach Williams has completed his National Certification as a Firefighter 1, and Firefighter/Engineer John Hamill has completed his National Certification as a Firefighter 2. Congratulations to both of them for their commitment to serving the Lingohocken Fire Company and their community.

Santa Run

Saturday, December 17, 2011, the Lingohocken Fire Company will be escorting Santa throughout various neighborhoods in the area. Please see Santa's schedule below.

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Heritage Townhouses Meet Their Firefighters

Lingohocken firefighters partnered with the Heritage Building Group to sponsor a "Fall Festival" on Saturday, November 5, 2011 at the Clubhouse area at Heritage Townhouses at Furlong on Heritage Center Drive. This location is in Station 95's coverage area in Buckingham Township. It was an opportunity to introduce the Fire Company to the neighbors, do some recruiting, have a good time with the kids, and pass out some fire prevention materials and answer questions. Heritage provided the moonbounce, which many enjoyed, we brought along the "fire house" for kids to practice their aim with the hose, and folks got tours of the fire apparatus. Heritage even provided a tasty cake.

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Lingohocken Firefighters Assist State Group With Educational Video on Residential Sprinklers

The Pennsylvania Fire and Emergency Services Institute is filming educational video documentaries on residential sprinklers and their benefits. The videos will be geared towards educating the public, firefighters, and politicians on the varied benefits of of this technology - with over 1/6 of the homes in Lingohocken's coverage area now protected by residential sprinklers. The filming crew came to Wycombe on Saturday, October 15 to talk to several officers and members about our experience in responding to the Christmas Day house fire in 2009 in Rushland, that home sprinklers extinguished by the time we arrived within 7 minutes of dispatch. Our firefighters, and the residents of the home, were able to return to their holiday celebrations within 33 minutes of the call vs. what would likely have been an all-afternoon incident without sprinklers. Damages were estimated at $12,000, and without sprinklers, damages would likely have been 15 times greater, and maybe more. Look for the video coming soon!

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Windsor Square Block Party

Engine and Field 95 participated in the Windsor Square Block Party on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011. Apparatus led a bike parade through the neighborhood, and then provided some cooling water spray to the delight of the children as well as to some of the kids at heart!

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Buckingham Day In The Park

On Wednesday, June 29, 2011, Lingohocken personnel took Field 95 to the annual Buckingham Day in the Park at George M Bush Park on Burnt House Hill Road. Also participating was Midway Fire Co. Ladder 5, and Doylestown Fire Co. Ladder 79 - representing the 3 fire companies that service Buckingham Township. The day was gorgeous, and the event well attended. Lingohocken took fire prevention literature and our "fire house" along and set the "house" up with the booster line from the field truck to allow kids to use the hose to "extinguish" the fires in each window. Well over 300 children visited with us and had a chance to play "firefighter." A fun time had by all.

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2011 Lingohocken Fire Company Pancake Breakfast

663 men, women, and children enjoyed pancakes and (new this year!) French Toast with Lingohocken firefighters on Sunday, April 10, 2011. More than 40 Lingohocken firefighters and associate members ensured that everyone that came out enjoyed their meal, with many of the kids enjoying tours of the fire apparatus. Everyone (staff and attendees alike) had a great time! Thanks to all that attended/participated, and if you would like to be a part of this, email us at

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George Rowe - 50 Years Active Service

Honoring George Rowe for 50 Years of Active Service!

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2011 Lingohocken Fire Company Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, April 10, 2011 8am - 1pm at the Lingohocken Fire House - Mill Creek Road and Washington Ave, Wycombe, PA

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Over the past year, we have received over $1000 in earnings from the escrip program for our friends and neighbors who shop at Genuardi's. It really is simple - register your Genuardi's Club Card at to send your earnings to the Lingohocken Fire Co., in Wycombe, PA, shop at Genuardi's using your club card, and Genuardi's will donate a small percentage of your purchase to the Fire Company. Just by doing our family's weekly food shopping there resulted in Genuardi's making almost $150 in contributions last year!

Lingohocken Fire Company 2010 Summary Report

Click here to view the Lingohocken Fire Company 2010 Summary Report.

Fire company spreads holiday joy

On Saturday, December 18, 2010, the Lingohocken Fire Company escorted Santa throughout various neighborhoods in the area.

2010 Santa Run Testimonials: Fire company spreads holiday joy

Lingohocken Purchases "New" Engine

For about 6 months, the Fire Company has been looking to add an engine for use by our Wrightstown Township employees who are firefighters. All 3 Wrightstown Public Works employees, the Fire Marshal/Zoning Officer, and a part-time summer employee are Lingohocken firefighters and officers. For the last 1 1/2 years, the Township workers have been using our Forest Grove Station pumper (Engine 95) during the week, keeping it in Wrightstown at the Public Works facility for fast response during daytime hours when many volunteer firefighters are working out of the area. The response time of the Public Works crew can sometimes rival that of fire stations manned by "career" firefighters. However, we have committed to working on returning Engine 95 to the Forest Grove station full-time, and our recruitment efforts have resulted in us being able to do so. We were looking for a basic pumper, or "Engine" with all-wheel drive capability to increase our ability to be able to reach all parts of our coverage area even in difficult weather, with a commercial-style truck chassis that would cost less than a custom chassis. We looked at demo apparatus from various manufacturers for potential purchase, and obtained quotations from several manufacturers to purchase a new engine. We worked with several used apparatus vendors to see if there was a gently-used vehicle on the market. In November, we thought we may have found a good match - a 2005 Freightliner pumper in Montana with even more features than we were looking for, being marketed by Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus out of Alabama. Brindlee Mountain specializes in marketing used apparatus. We did a lot of background investigation on the truck and its manufacturer, and several Company members flew to Bozeman, Montana in early December to spend a day inspecting and testing the truck. It was put through its paces, running the pump, testing discharges, and driving up into the mountains to see its capabilities, and found to be in very good condition with very low miles. After some negotiations, we purchased the vehicle at a price that was significantly less than a new apparatus.

For those of you into technical specifications, here they are on the vehicle:

  • 2005 Freightliner M2 with Marmon-Harrington front axle for AWD, 4700 miles (before delivery)
  • 14,700 front axle, 26,000 rear axle
  • Aluminum Body by Montana Fire Works
  • Waterous CX 1250 GPM PTO Driven with pump and roll capability
  • 1000 gallon water tank, 25 gallon class A foam cell
  • FoamPro 2001 system
  • Caterpillar C-7 330 hp diesel engine
  • 5 man cab with four 911 SCBA seats
  • Front bumper sweeps (5) - foam capable
  • Onan 6 kW hydraulic generator with 2 FireResearch 1500 W floodlights mounted behind the cab
  • Akron automatic deck gun - foam capable
  • Preconnect cabinets under each rear cab doors - capable of up to 250' of 2" attack line - foam capable
  • 2 1/2"/3" piped preconnect in hosebed - foam capable
  • Hydraulic piston-operated diamondplate hose bed covers
  • Rescue-style compartments with roll-up doors
  • Rear compartment with backboard storage, and storage for roof and 2 fly extension ladder

The truck previously served the Park County (MT) Rural Fire District as Engine 467, assigned to the Marlboro Ranch, a 22,000 acre property owned by Phillip Morris Company in Park County. Park County Fire District lost the contract to provide emergency services to the Ranch and traded this truck in on a smaller quick-attack CAFS unit that was more appropriate for the rest of their coverage area.

The truck will be arriving in Wycombe the week of December 12, 2010, and will require some work by in-house staff to prep the apparatus to go into service. It is white, which is a departure from our existing apparatus, but we hope to stripe and letter it attractively to fit in. Although the primary use for this engine will be by Wrightstown Township employees who are firefighters for weekday coverage, assigned to the Wrightstown Twp Public Works facility, it will move to Lingohocken Station 35 in Wycombe on weekends, holidays, and during snow emergencies. Wrightstown Township is partnering with us in this effort by committing to add-on to their public works facility to house this vehicle. We felt that purchasing a gently-used pumper was the most cost-effective way to utilize your tax money and vital contributions, as this purchase will save at least 40% from the cost of purchasing a new apparatus.

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Santa Run

On Saturday, December 18, 2010, the Lingohocken Fire Company will be escorting Santa throughout various neighborhoods in the area. Please see Santa's schedule below.

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Record-Setting Year

At 2:18 am on Sunday morning, November 21, 2010, the Lingohocken Fire Co. was dispatched to Route 232 (2nd Street Pike) in the area of Swamp Road to standby at an accident with one victim ejected from the vehicle. Crews arrived and found the accident on 2nd Street Pike almost to Tapeworm Road in Northampton Township. Lingohocken volunteers responded, controlled hazards, and then returned to service, advising NTVFC Sta. 3 officers who were likely happy to have us handle this for them in the middle of the night. While there was nothing that unusual about this call for firefighters, although we never like to see serious accidents, it was the 203rd call for the Company for 2010. Our busiest previous year was 2006 with 202 calls. While most of the companies that surround us are used to handling more calls than this, our members are stepping up and handling the increased workload.

Wycombe Welcomes Serviceman Home

The Lingohocken Fire Co., with help from the Newtown and Buckingham Twp. Police Depts. and the Red Knight Motorcycle Club, welcomed home Fire Co. Lieutenant and USN Petty Officer First Class Nate Hulme to Wycombe on Wednesday, November 17th. We apologize to those whom we may have interrupted your day for a few minutes during our welcoming parade, but we did this in honor of Nate, who interrupted his life for a year to serve our country in Afghanistan. Glad to have you back, Nate!

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Lingohocken Firefighters Complete Officer Development Training Classes

On Monday, November 15, 6 Lingohocken volunteer firefighters spent the day at the Montgomery County Fire Academy participating in officer development seminars presented by Richard Gassaway, PhD, who is a nationally recognized presenter and a retired fire chief. The morning seminar was on "The Mental Management of Emergencies," and the afternoon seminar was on "Fire Ground Command: Ten Best Practices and 10 Common Mistakes." Lingohocken members participating including Jeff Burns, Pat Scanlon, Ted Middleman, Tony Roggio, Larry Padalino, and John Hamill.

Additionally, 18 Lingohocken firefighters completed a 16 hour in-house training course on the "National Incident Command System for the Fire Service." This program prepares firefighters to properly manage emergency incidents, and the students managed scenarios built around target hazards in Lingohocken's first due area to make the course as practical as possible. This course was taught by Lingohocken Chief Greg Jakubowski, who is a state-certified incident command instructor.

Fire Prevention Open House

An estimated 300-400 visitors attended Lingohocken's 2010 Fire Prevention Open House on Friday evening, October 8, 2010. Visitors had a chance to tour the apparatus, visit with our mascot "Lingo," as well as see an ambulance and equipment from Central Bucks Ambulance (Wycombe Station), and the Newtown Police Dept. Motorcycle Unit. Kids could utilize a real fire hose to extinguish a simulated "house fire" while their parents could try their hand at extinguishing a simulated stove fire. Fire prevention material was shared, and prizes were awarded throughout the night. Everyone enjoyed pizza provided on a fire company Frisbee, with 72 pizzas being consumed!

Fire Prevention Reminder - Check your smoke detectors monthly to ensure that they are operating properly, and when you turn your clocks back for Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, November 7, 2010, remember to change the batteries in all of your smoke detectors - even ones that are normally powered by AC power and have battery backup.

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Lingohocken Receives Donation of Automated Defibrillator

At the Fire Company's monthly meeting on October 5, 2010, Your Safety Company and HeartSine Technologies donated a HeartSine samaritan® PAD to assist with fire company's assistance to paramedics program for sudden cardiac arrests. The companies opted to donate the HeartSine samaritan® PAD after Chief Jakubowski successfully deployed an automated defibrillator to save a Jamison man at the Fox Heath Farm in Furlong, Buckingham Township, last month. Chief Jakubowski credits the favorable outcome at Fox Heath Farm to the CPR efforts of the bystanders on the scene, the rapid access to the PAD, and the advanced life support provided by the paramedics.

Proximity always helps. The rescue was part of the Lingohocken Fire Company's paramedic assistance program, designed to respond to emergency cardiac arrest calls in the 26 square miles in and around Wycombe. The program was established in December 2008, and this is its first successful deployment. "As a volunteer fire company, we have people out in the community every day in different locations and can at times respond quickly to a call for help from people in cardiac arrest. Having access to a defibrillator can save minutes in response time. That can make the difference in saving a life. That was true in this particular incidence at Fox Heath Farm," Jakubowski said.

Your Safety Company Sales Manager Lynn Sechrist said, "As a distributor of first aid, safety and emergency supplies for over 30 years, Your Safety Company is pleased to donate the HeartSine® samaritan® defibrillator to the Lingohocken Fire Company. We applaud and support the efforts of anyone who works to make our businesses and communities safer. We anticipate this unit will be made available as a Public Access Defibrillator and that, if ever needed, it will be a useful tool in helping to rescue victims of SCA."

According to Chief Jakubowski, the HeartSine samaritan® PAD will be used to equip the sole remaining truck in the Lingohocken Fire Company's fleet that did not have a PAD. This type of positive result is the reason that HeartSine and its distributors make it a point to get their PADs in the hands of the people who can do the most good, according to HeartSine Senior Vice President Marc Lawrence. "Sudden Cardiac Arrest remains the leading cause of death in the United States, exceeding an alarming 425,000 deaths per year, so we want to champion the efforts of Chief Jakubowski and other life savers just like him. We're proud to join forces with him and the Lingohocken Fire Company in this life saving effort."

HeartSine is headquartered in Newtown, PA and the Fire Company would like to thank them for their donation of this lifesaving equipment.

O Cutter

New Rescue Tool

Thanks to help from a contribution from the Hanson Aggregates on Swamp Road, the Lingohocken Fire Company has placed a new hydraulic O cutter into service on Rescue 35. The cutter is a Holmatro model ICU 40, designed with cutting power of 100 tons - 3 1/2 times the capacity of our previous O cutters, as well as having a larger blade opening to cut bigger items. This tool was specifically purchased to deal with the larger vehicles used in quarrying operations, or transporting materials out of the quarries. It also is applicable to some of the stronger, more unusual metals seen in many newer vehicles. Within 5 hours of being placed in service, this tool was utilized to extricate the victim in a fatal car crash on Buckmanville Road.

O Cutter

Fire Prevention Open House

The Lingohocken Fire Company will be holding its annual fire prevention Open House, "Pizza and Prevention," on Friday, October 8, 2010 from 6 pm to 9 pm at our Wycombe Station. Community members are welcome to come by and meet Lingo the Fire Dog, the medics from Central Bucks Ambulance, and officers from the Newtown Police Department. Kids can try their aim with a fire house, and parents can face a real stove fire. Of course, their will be plenty of opportunities to tour the fire apparatus and meet your firefighters. Everyone gets a slice of pizza on a take-home Frisbee with a fire prevention message.

- Heroes Wanted -

For more than 95 years, the Lingohocken Fire Co. has been protecting Wrightstown and portions of Upper Makefield and Buckingham Townships with our all-volunteer team from our fire station in Wycombe. In 1996, we expanded service by establishing a substation on Lower Mountain Road in Forest Grove, after the Wycombe bridge was damaged by a tropical storm. This expansion was necessary to ensure high quality service into the Buckingham Community. Over the past year, we have added 13 new members, primarily in our Buckingham Township coverage area, to bolster our membership in Forest Grove. Now we are reaching out to the residents in our Wrightstown and Upper Makefield Township coverage areas to ask for your help.

For a volunteer fire company to be successful, it requires not just community support, but community participation as well. In the past year, our members have handled 22 calls for service over the stormy weekend of March 13, extricated 5 occupants from car accidents – and a deer from a fence, successfully handled 2 working house fires in our coverage area, and assisted neighboring companies with 10 other working house and building fires. We have visited all of the schools in our coverage area to teach students about fire prevention, and have been awarded the 2010 Pennsylvania State Firemen’s Association Valor Award for the July 16, 2009 rescue in the Hanson Quarry. We have provided rapid response to a cardiac arrest, using an automated defibrillator to resuscitate the victim who was also assisted by several bystanders performing CPR. We further reduced Wrightstown’s ISO fire insurance rating to a 6, perhaps the best in the region with no public water, effective November 1, 2010.

This is where you come in. Are you ready to do something that many others cannot - and become a volunteer firefighter? Are you ready to make a commitment to the community you chose to live? Truth is, every member of our fire company has employment and family commitments. However, we have also committed to drop what we are doing to assist our community during an emergency. Yes, it takes an effort to get trained, but we cover all of the costs to attend training which is normally held close by in Doylestown. We purchase high-quality protective equipment for our firefighters, and offer life insurance and retirement benefits to active members. We have a well-equipped, modern work-out facility available to our active members at our Wycombe station. Male and female members are welcome, and can start training as young as 14 years old and respond to calls under supervison. Firefighters are not permitted to participate in actual fire fighting activities until they reach 18 years old. Firefighting can be a family activity. We have many members who joined with a parent or sibling. During last year’s recruiting effort, two father-son partnerships volunteered their services.

Our members are dedicated to serving you. They are engineers, scientists, business owners, IT professionals, farmers, laborers, homemakers and flight paramedics. The common thread they all have is their commitment to serving their neighbors, and they continue to respond around the clock when you call for help. We save lives and property right here in your community, and YOU can be a part of it!

We would like to talk to you to explore any interest you may have in working with us. We are holding a cookout for you on Saturday, October 2, 2010, from 1 – 5 PM. We invite you and your family to stop by at our firehouse in Wycombe so you can meet us and chat with us about what is involved in volunteering with the Fire Company. You don’t need to immediately sign up, but we would hope that you feel a kinship with us and your community to get involved. Please RSVP to me at so we can be ready for you.

Wrightstown Township improves its fire service rating to Class 6!

Effective Nov. 1, the Insurance Service Organization (ISO) is improving the township’s rating from Class 7 to Class 6, according to a press release issued jointly by the township and the Lingohocken Fire Company. Read more in the following articles:
Bucks Local News
Firegeezer Morning Linenup

2010 Grange Fair

Lingohocken Firefighters and Associate members spent the day on Thursday, August 19, and Sunday, August 22, 2010 managing parking at the Middletown Grange Fair ( This is an annual fundraiser in which 3 local fire companies, Lingohocken, Newtown, and Upper Makefield receive a donation for managing the parking during the 5 day-long event. Most days this year, thousands of cars entered the fairgrounds on Penns Park Road. Although it is a lot of work, our members try and have a bit of fun during the event.

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Dear Chief Jakubowski,

Congratulations!  Your Department has been selected to be the recipient of the 2010 FASP Unit Valor Award.  Your Crew’s heroic actions on the day of July 16, 2009 in making the best rescue one can make under the severe conditions defines the word “Valor.”  Your crews are truly to be held in high esteem.

Your presence and that of the assisting fire departments and emergency services department and the individual crew members as listed in your report are requested to receive the award at the Annual Convention of the Firemen’s Association of the State of Pennsylvania to be held in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on Thursday, September 23, 2010 at 3:30 pm at the Ramada Inn, 20 Public Square, Wilkes-Barre, PA.

The FASP Unit Valor Award is given to a Fire Department Unit, or group of Fire Departments that worked together on a single incident that exhibited exceptional courage, extraordinary decisiveness and presence of mind and swiftness of action regardless of their own personal safety, in attempting to save or protect human life.

Yours in the Fire Service, I am

John Bem, Chairman, Awards Committee

Lingohocken Firefighters Honored (The Intelligencer article)

Buckingham Township's Day In The Park

Lingohocken Firefighters took Engine 95 to the Buckingham Township's Day in the Park at George M. Bush Park. Crews gave dozens and dozens of children tours of the Engine (which had just pumped 190,000 gallons at the Plumstead 4 alarm fire the day before), some Junior Fire Chief badges and plastic fire hats, along with activity books. It was a beautiful day for this activity. While returning to the first due area, Engine 95 stopped by to assist Doylestown Engine 19 with a working fire in the engine compartment of a minivan on Rt. 202 at Swamp Road. Engine 95's Holmatro combi-tool was utilized to gain access to the engine compartment of the van.

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Emergency Vehicle Training

During the week of April 11, 2010, 2 Lingohocken firefighters, Karl Bromm and Ray Greyling (a new member) completed the state-certified Emergency Vehicle Driver Training (EVDT) class offered through the Bucks County Public Safety Training Center and sponsored by the Midway Fire Co. The hands-on training was conducted at the Heritage Center office site on Heritage Center Drive in Furlong. 5 other firefighters completed the EVDT class at the Warwick Fire Co. in Fall, 2009.

Thanks to the Midway and Warwick Fire Companies for hosting our personnel at this training, and thanks to Veritas Real Estate Management for allowing us to use the Heritage Center site for the training.

Firefighters Karl Bromm and Ray Greyling put Field 35 through its paces on the EVDT course:

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Reflective Chevrons

In March, 2010, Lingohocken Chief Engineer Steve Kraiss took the time to retrofit reflective chevrons onto the rear of Field 35. This is intended to meet new NFPA standards for high visibility of emergency apparatus. Nice job, Steve!

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2009 Annual Report

Click here to view our annual report submitted to the Boards of Supervisors for Buckingham, Upper Makefield and Wrightstown Townships.

Lingohocken Fund Drive

The annual fund drive for the Lingohocken Fire Co. is underway. 33 members, associates, and friends came out on December 9, 2009 to provide the all-volunteer labor (keeps the costs down) to stuff over 3500 envelopes for our annual fund drive. Many hands make the job easier - wrapped up in under 2 hours. We work hard for the community, and appreciate the support the community provides back to us. Our fund drive committee works diligently to customize every one of the letters we send out, along with our annual informational bulletin - The Spanner.

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Santa Run

Due to the weather on Saturday, December 19th, Santa had to skip some of his rounds to ensure his reindeer are in tip-top shape for the main event. However, he went out again on December 24th to visit some of the areas he missed.

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Lingohocken Welcomes New Firefighters

Lingohocken's recent recruitment drive has proven successful. At the November, 2009 meeting, 6 new members were accepted into the company, with another joining in September, and several additional applications being reviewed for the December meeting. Many of the new members are brand new to the emergency services, and have made the commitment to become trained and begin to serve the community and our organization. We are quite pleased to see so many new faces in the firehouses!

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Fire Prevention Week

Click here to view pictures from the 2009 Fire Prevention Week when Lingohocken Fire Company visited local schools.

2009 Fire Prevention Open House

Friday, October 9, 2009 from 6-8pm at the Wycombe Station

Please join us for our Fire Prevention Open House Pizza Dinner! Kids can bring their home check list which will be handed out at school for a prize. Forms can also be picked up at the township office. Parents can try using a fire extinguisher on a stove fire. Kids can squirt the hose at the “house on fire”. Also, meet some of the police officers from Newtown Township. Hope to see you there!


If you aren't able to trade in your old car, but would like to donate it to a good cause, the Lingohocken FIre Company (and surrounding companies) are always looking for cars in almost any condition to practice our extrication skills on.  We can provide a letter indicating it was donated for this purpose.  To donate your car for our use, contact Wrightstown Used Auto Parts, 215-598-3422

2009 Bucks County Parade in Newtown

On Saturday, June 13, 2009, Lingohocken Engine 95, Tanker 35, Field 35, and Chief 35 took part in the 2009 Bucks County Parade in Newtown. Thanks to the hard work of the members, Tanker 35 took 2nd Best Appearing and Equipped Tanker in Bucks County (Haycock Tanker 63 took 1st - Congratulations). Thanks also to East Greenville Fire Co., Montgomery County Engine 38-1 for covering our station while we went to the parade.

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LFCO Reflective Address Signs

We can’t help you if we can’t find you! Order yours today - $15 - hardware included.

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Devonshire July 4th

On the morning of July 4th, the Devonshire Estates neighborhood off of Swamp Road in Buckingham Township held their annual bike parade. Dozens of kids turned out for a lap or 2 through the neighborhood, escorted by Lingohocken firefighters. At the end, the kids' efforts were rewarded by a good soaking!

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Buckingham Carnival

On Wednesday, July 1, 2009 Lingohocken Firefighters loaded up Engine 95 with handouts and Lingo and headed off to the Buckingham Township Kids Carnival held at George M. Bush Park. Kids were given tours of the Engine, stickers, fire hats, fire safety activity books and other handout materials. It was so popular that we ran out of fire hats! Lingo even got a chance to try out a police car, but decided that fire trucks were better.

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Lingohocken Fire Company Car Show & Flea Market

Fun was had by one and all at the 2009 Rockin' at Lingohocken Car Show and Flea Market held on Saturday, June 27, 2009 at the Middletown Grange Fairgrounds in Penns Park, PA. More than 75 vehicles, and 2 dozen flea market vendors participated. Thanks to all who helped out with this event.  

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Lingohocken Does Celebrity Scoop at Rita's Furlong

On Saturday, April 11, 2009 Lingohocken firefighters visited Rita's in Furlong to be the celebrity scoopers. While the wet, cold weather didn't cooperate, we got a chance to give tours of Engine 95 to a number of children, and handed out fire prevention material. Lingo, all rested up from his big TV debut the day before, was present to greet children and adults alike.

Fox Firehouse Fridays Visits Lingohocken

On Friday, April 10, 2009, Philadelphia Fox 29 Firehouse Fridays visited Lingohocken Station 35. While the emphasis was on the hazards presented by new residential construction, and the huge benefits that residential sprinklers provide for both residents and firefighters alike - Lingohocken's mascot, Lingo was on TV, Asst. Chief John Bailey's 2 daughters got to give the traffic report, Deputy Chief Fran Gorski gave his 2009 Phillies prediction, Fire Police Capt. John Myers was interviewed with his son and granddaughter - firefighters all, and everyone had a great breakfast of pancakes and sausage cooked up by George Rowe. We then did a live burn in the New Jersey Residential Sprinkler Coalition's sprinkler trailer to show how they can put fires out in under a minute

Check out Fox Reporter Jamie Shupak's Blog

We have already heard from several folks asking about residential sprinklers - raising awareness on this subject throughout the Delaware Valley.

Nov 2, 2008: Change Your Clock, Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries

November 2 marks the end of Daylight Savings Time, and time to turn your clocks back one hour (enjoy the extra hour of sleep!).

Together with this, the Lingohocken Fire Company would like to remind you to change your smoke detector batteries. Even though the detectors in some homes in our coverage area are AC powered, they have a battery backup, and the batteries will go bad after a year or so. At the least, this means they will start chirping in the middle of the night. At worst, they may not work when you really need them. Take a moment this Fall and change the batteries in your detectors.